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Introduction to Dethatching
« on: April 12, 2011, 04:57:05 PM »
Thatch levels measuring over inch are detrimental to turf and should be avoided when maintaining turf grass. Thatch build up interferes with air movement, reduces the effectiveness of fertilizers and pesticides, increases disease and insect activity, and makes turf susceptible to drought damage under minimal water stress. Build up occurs when growth or organic matter production is greater than the rate that organic matter decomposes. A common cause of thatch build up is excess nitrogen inputs and irrigation.

Thatch build up of over an 1" can be removed by raking or vertical mowing.  Thatch build up of " to 1" can be removed by applying a fungal dominant compost tea in late fall.  An increase in fungi population aids in the decomposition of thatch.  A decrease in thatch should be apparent the following spring.  If dethatching is critical in the spring, apply compost as early as possible and overseed directly into the compost.  
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