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Introduction to Equipment
« on: April 27, 2011, 12:13:07 PM »

This forum is a great opportunity for you to share your experiences and tips about equipment with your colleagues.

Equipment Listed here are several pieces of equipment that our organic land care professionals have found useful. This list is neither complete nor an endorsement of any product or company.

Aerators Mechanical aeration can be accomplished by several different methods and pieces of equipment. They include a core aerator, which pulls plugs and deposits them on the surface; a slice (or slit) seeder, which cuts slits in the soil as it deposits seed; a Seed-a-Vator, which shatters the soil while seeding; and an air spade, which creates holes in the soil.

Aerator; Slice Seeder Makes: Lesco,; Ryan,; Z-PLUG, L.T. Rich,

Air Spade Makes: Kaeser,; Concept Engineering, Seed-a-Vator Makes: First Products,

Blowers Makes: Finn,

Compost spreaders Manure spreaders Makes: Dakota Peat & Equipment, Walk behind, rotary, with large holes Makes:  
Spyker,; Big Foot, PSB Company, Compost spreader Makes: Agresource,

Compost tea sprayers Compost tea sprayers are modified agricultural sprayers. Makes: C&S Turf Care Equipment,; Precision Turf Technologies,; Fimco,; Newton Crouch,; Spraying Systems, Co.,

Topdresser Makes: Toro,

Weed Killers, hot oil/foam Makes: Waipuna,

Turf equipment in general (Spreaders, rollers, power rakes, aerators, sod cutters, seeders, mowers, dethatchers, sod lifters, vacuums, tillers, landscape rakes, mini-skids, skid steers, slice seeders, renovators, etc.) Makes: Ryan,; Jacobsen,; First Products

Other General Equipment Suppliers Oesco, Inc, A.M. Leonard, Forestry Suppliers, L.T. Rich, Co., Turf Champs,
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