Author Topic: Soil Conditions and the Weeds They Favor  (Read 1933 times)


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Soil Conditions and the Weeds They Favor
« on: April 28, 2011, 05:09:28 PM »
Different plants thrive in different soil conditions, and in fact, the presence of a plant in a given location can tell you about the soil conditions there. Here are some general soil conditions and the plants that thrive in them.

The following information is excerpted and reprinted in part from
Turfgrass by Timothy M. Abbey, published by the University of Connecticut, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 2001.

Wet, Poorly Drained Soil
   Algae, annual bluegrass, nutsedge, plantains, rushes, sedges, smartweeds

Droughty, Extremely Dry Soil
   Birdsfoot trefoil, cinquefoils, crabgrass, quackgrass, rabbit foot clover, yarrow

Low Soil pH
   Moss, rabbit foot clover, red sorrel, wild strawberry

Low Soil Fertility
   Cinquefoils, common mullein, mallow, moss, wild carrot

Low Nitrogen
   Chickweed, clovers, trefoil, vetches

Compacted Soil
   Ajuga, annual bluegrass, broadleaf plantain, moss, chickweeds, crabgrass, ground ivy, pineapple weed, prostrate knotweed

Mowing Height Too Low
   Annual bluegrass, chickweeds, common purslane, crabgrass, creeping bentgrass, dandelion, ground ivy, moss

   Chickweeds, moss, violets, ground ivy